TICA/MSU ILPC Call for Papers (Feb. 28, 2018 Deadline)

Here (PDF):

TICA Call for Papers 2018_Page_1TICA Call for Papers 2018_Page_2

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ILPC/TICA Call for Artists — 2018 Conference (Nov. 15-16, 2018) — Feb. 28, 2018 Deadline

Links: Previous art used, 2017 Call for Presentations

If anyone would be interested in providing art for the poster and promotional materials for the TICA-ILPC Conference (coming up October 26-27! We’re going to have CLEs!), we would love to hear about it.

We use a painting and we pay the artist for the use of the work.

We print large posters of the art with the conference text and give them as gifts to attendees and presenters. It is also helpful if we are able to receive a high res scan of the work.

The deadline is Thursday, February 28th, 2018.

Please email indigenous@law.msu.edu with suggestions.


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NCAI Webinar: Gun Purchases, Tribal Convictions, and Using the Instant Criminal Background Check System (Feb. 23 at 2pm)

Identifying dangerous persons across jurisdictions can help prevent needless tragedies. Keeping firearms away from persons who are legally prohibited from purchasing firearms requires collaboration across many jurisdictions—including tribal governments.  NCAI will be hosting a webinar on NICS, featuring a presentation from JoAnn Garrison, Liaison Specialist from the FBI NICS Business Unit. The webinar will provide an overview of NICS and the ten federal firearm prohibitions, and then explain how tribes can access and use NICS to protect tribal citizens form illegal gun possession. The discussion will primarily focus on the two federal prohibitions specific to domestic violence: the Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence federal prohibition, 922(g)(9), and the Protection Order federal prohibition, 922(g)(8).  Attendees will gain knowledge of the role they play in sharing information needed to determine if a firearm transfer is disqualified under federal law as well as highlight the importance of sharing record information on a national level.

–You can register for the webinar here.–

The webinar will be recorded if you are not able to join. If you have any questions, please contact: Elizabeth Reese, erese@ncai.org.

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Program Coordinator Job for NAICJA

JD preferred job, hiring now–Program Coordinator Position Announcement

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Grand Traverse Band RFP: Healing to Wellness Court Evaluator


2018.02.19 RFP Evaluator (final)

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New Scholarship on DAPL and Tribal Jurisdiction

Andrew Rome has published “Black Snake on the Periphery: The Dakota Access Pipeline and Tribal Jurisdictional Sovereignty” in the North Dakota Law Review.

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Federal Court Enjoins State Court Trial in Ute Jurisdictional Dispute

Here are the relevant materials in Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation  v. Lawrence (D. Utah):

54 Ute Motion for PI

82 Motion for TRO

85 DCT Order Granting TRO

86 Ute Motion for Hearing

This matter is on remand from the Tenth Circuit.

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SCOTUS Denies Cert in ICWA and Tribal Jurisdiction Matters

Here is today’s order list. The Court denied cert in Renteria v. Superior Court & Norton v. Ute Indian Tribe.

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Federal Court Stays Becker v. Ute to Await Tribal Court Rulings

Here are the materials in Becker v. Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation (D. Utah):

70 Becker Motion for PI

73 Ute Motion for Summary Judgment [preemption]

74 Ute Motion for Summary Judgment [illegality]

75 Ute Emergency Motion for TRO

84 Becker Opposition

86 Ute Opposition

88 Reply in Support of 75

91 Becker Reply

93 Ute Surreply

101 Ute Motion to Reassign Case

102 DCt Chief Judge Order re 101


Discussion and argument heard on the motions. After taking a recess, and for the reasons stated on the record, the court made the following rulings on the record: 
The court DENIES 70 Mr. Becker’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction; 
DENIES 71 Motion for Leave to File Sealed Document; 
DENIES 75 The Tribe’s Motion for TRO, Motion for Preliminary Injunction, and Motion for Permanent Injunction; and 
GRANTS 93 Tribe’s Motion for Leave to File Sur-Reply. 

The court also stays the case and all remaining pending motions (Dkt. Nos. 72, 73 and 74). Should the tribal court decline jurisdiction, the court will then address the remaining motions. The parties are granted leave to file a motion to lift the stay if circumstances should change before resolution of both the tribal court and state court actions. 

Prior posts here.

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Supreme Court Cert Stage Briefing in R.K.B. v. E.T.

As a reminder, this is the cert petition regarding the very long Utah Supreme Court decision which held there is a federal reasonableness standard for determining whether an unwed father is a parent under ICWA. That decision is here.

Another reminder–there are generally no cert stage amicus briefs filed in opposition to a cert petition. And a cert petition is just asking the Supreme Court to take the case. It doesn’t mean the Court has taken the case.

RKB Petition for Certiorari

R.K.B. NCFA Amicus ISO Cert Final


Amicus Brief- Utah Adoption Council

Amicus Curiae Brief Goldwater

R.K.B v. E.T. Brief in Opposition

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Federal Court Denies Motion for Stay in Navajo Nation Voting Rights Case

Here is the order in Navajo Nation v. San Juan County (D. Utah):

473 Order Denying Motion to Stay Enforcement of Judgment

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NYTs: “In ‘Paradigm Shift,’ Trudeau Announces Talks on Indigenous People’s Rights”


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