Coaster Brook Trout and U.P. Sulfide Mining

The proposed sulfide mining operation named the “Eagle Project” by the Kennecott Mining Corporation is staunchly apposed by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community as well as several U.P. community and conservation groups. Critics contend that the proposed project represents a significant threat to natural and cultural resources, stands to provide a meager amount of tax revenue to the state and a huge profit to Kennecott. It is now recognized that there may be significant deleterious effects on the Coaster Brook Trout. Coaster Brook Trout 90 Day Finding


Above link is an advance copy of the FWS positive 90 day finding relating to the coaster brook trout.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service determined that the petition as supplemented provided sufficient information to conclude that listing the US population as endangered may be warranted. FWS will now begin a status review, with a public comment period that runs through May 19: requests for public hearings must be received by May 5.

About Nick Reo

Nick is an Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He works on natural resource management issues on tribal lands and at the intersection of tribal and public lands.
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One Response to Coaster Brook Trout and U.P. Sulfide Mining

  1. I said in the beginning of the announcement of Kennecott expressing their interest in the sulfide, nickel and zinc deposits in the Yellow Dog, that when it comes down to a decision that revolves around profit or environment the environment loses every time.

    I contacted Bart Stupak expressing my concerns and he wrote me a letter saying that the new mine might improve the local economy and provide jobs, then when the DEQ announced that Kennecott’s application had been approved Stupak came out in the papers saying he was against it all along. Typical politician.

    There are more than enough pollutants being dumped in the Great Lakes as it is. Sulfide mines have a bad reputation and the effects of this operation will last long after Kennecott has collected their gold and left.

    I think a much stronger statement needs to be made and can only be made by the people. Upper Peninsula tribes have expressed their disapproval, but my tribe and the other tribes downstate remain relatively sedate regarding this issue. Have we forgotten that what happens to one, happens to us all.

    No one has the right to jeopardize the welfare of our future generations by allowing such a damnable process to come into one of the most pristine wildernesses left in Michigan nor do they have the right to leave a residue (which they will) that will continue to affect the welfare of our children and grandchildren for generations.

    Kennecott has presented the measures it intends to institute in this mining operation, but when great profit is involved most corporate entities will lie. It has not been all that long ago that we had a supersight recognized near Torch Lake because of the level of pollution. Walleyes being caught with lesions on their bodies and deformed. The mining company satiated their consciences by donating their buildings and equipment to the towns along the site.

    It seems to me that those who have the responsibility for protecting the welfare and health of the environment are corrupt or insane.
    This whole idea should have been canned the day Kennecott approached the DEQ for a permit.

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