Ward Churchill Reinstatement Materials — Updated

Now that Ward Churchill has won exactly $1 from the University of Colorado via jury, the real fight begins — over reinstatement. The University of Colorado’s brief opposing reinstatement is here.

The brief itself runs from pages 1-32 of the pdf file linked here.

The attachments are of especial importance. Here are a few of the affidavits from (mostly) American Indian academics opposing Churchill’s reinstatement:

Thomas Brown (pdf pages 70-72) (Thomas Brown affidavit)

Elizabeth Cook Lynn (pdf pages 77-80) (Cook-Lynn affidavit content)

Suzan Shown Harjo (pdf pages 81-84) (Harjo affidavit content)

Tom Holm (pdf pages 85-87) (Tom Holm affidavit, sorry the pages aren’t in the right order, but there’s only three)

John LaVelle (pdf pages 88-92) (LaVelle affidavit content)

Patricia Jo King (pdf pages 93-96) (Patricia Jo King affidavit)

David Bradley (pdf pages 97-100) (David Bradley affidavit)

Robert Trepp (pdf pages 101-105) (Robert Trepp affidavit)

Chadwick Smith (pdf pages 106-109) (Chief Smith affidavit content)

Rhonda Lynne Kelly (pdf pages 128-131) (Rhonda Kelly Affidavit content)

Other materials from this case are posted on Denver University’s website, here.

And here are links to a few news stories on this latest filing in the Churchill litigation: The Chronicle, the Colorado Daily, and the Denver Post.

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