Te-Moak Shoshone Tribe Forces Reconsideration of BLM Approval of Cortez Gold Mines

Here is the Ninth Circuit’s opinion in Te-Moak Tribe of Shoshone Indians v. DOI.

An excerpt:

Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone of Nevada, a federally-recognized Indian tribe (“the Tribe”), the Western Shoshone Defense Project (“WSDP”), and Great Basin Mine Watch (“GBMW”) (collectively, “Plaintiffs”) appeal the district court’s denial of their motion for summary judgment, and the grant of summary judgment to the Department of the Interior (“DOI”), the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”), several officers of the BLM, and intervenor Cortez Gold Mines, Inc. (“Cortez”) (collectively, “Defendants”). Plaintiffs contend that the BLM’s approval of Cortez’s amendment to a plan of operations for an existing mineral exploration project in Nevada violated the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”), the National Historic Preservation Act (“NHPA”), and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (“FLPMA”). We have jurisdiction pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1291. We affirm the district court with respect to Plaintiffs’ NHPA and FLPMA claims, and we reverse and remand for further proceedings with respect to one of their NEPA claims.

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2 Responses to Te-Moak Shoshone Tribe Forces Reconsideration of BLM Approval of Cortez Gold Mines

  1. joyce says:

    1863 treaty of ruby valley, is the supreme law of the land, It’s a contract made between two nations , The government still takes native amercians land without paying for it and still violates Its treatys without making amends, and still maintains a body of policy and laws.
    ( this is not acceptable.)

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