Brian Lewis on U.S./Canadian Law on Indian Status

Brian Lewis will soon publish his paper, “So Close, Yet So Far Away: A Comparative Analysis of Indian Status in Canada and the United States,” in the Willamette International Law Journal.

Here it is: B.Lewis_U.S._Canada_Indian_Status

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2 Responses to Brian Lewis on U.S./Canadian Law on Indian Status

  1. Norbert Furnas says:

    To Whom it may concern,
    My great grandmother on my mother’s side was pure blood Iroquois from the Montreal, Canada area. I am inquiering about “American Indian Status” and wonder how to proceed. I understand that requierments vary from both sides of the North American Border and that under Bill C-31, my sister and I could qualify.
    Any info regarding avenues we could explore would be greatly appreciated.
    I reside in Florida and Sister in New York state. Both of us are U.S. citizens born and raised.
    Kind regards,
    Captain Furnas

  2. Norbert Furnas says:

    My great, great, grandmother. She also married a U.S. Military man who in Canada. After her death in Canada my great, great grandfather immigrated back to the U.S.A. with his children.
    Captain Furnas

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