State of Washington v. Comenout Briefs

The Washington Supreme Court soon will decide whether the state has jurisdiction over alleged cigarette trafficking crimes committed by tribal members on Quinault Reservation land. Here are the materials:

85067-4 – State v. Robert Comenout, Jr. and Robert Comenout, Sr. 
Hearing Date – 06/30/2011

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3 Responses to State of Washington v. Comenout Briefs

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  2. D Shay says:

    Its a case of “you can have a piece of the pie, but you can’t eat it”. Why wasn’t this licensed by the tribe? Would have saved all the reservations who sell cigarettes this grief.

  3. Jc says:

    Yeah I agree, I live down in yreka ca and there is a smoke shop named burning arrow, the owner is Darren rose. He makes a lot of money and doesn’t pay any taxes. Jennifer chrisman is the chairwoman of the tribe and she said he isn’t licensed… His smoke shop is not on trust land either.

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