Congress Approves Tribal Court Improvement Program

From the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges:

The President signed the Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act on Friday with authorizes Court Improvement Program (CIP) funding and includes Tribal Court Improvement funding! The Court Improvement funding is to support states and tribes in actions to:

“increase and improve engagement of the entire family in court processes relating to child welfare, family preservation, family reunification, and adoption.”.

Here’s the portion specifically related to tribes. (See pages 7-8 of the Act here)

”(3) ALLOCATION OF FUNDS.- ”(A) MANDATORY FUNDS.-Of the amounts reserved

under section 436(b)(2) for any fiscal year, the Secretary shall allocate-

”(iv) $1,000,000 for grants to be awarded on a

competitive basis among the highest courts of Indian tribes or tribal consortia that-H. R. 2883-8

”(I) are operating a program under part E, in accordance with section 479B;

”(II) are seeking to operate a program under part E and have received an implementation grant under section 476; or

”(III) has a court responsible for proceedings related to foster care or adoption.

We will send any updates as we hear further information about this exciting opportunity for tribal courts!

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