Ten Important Tribal Court Opinions (for NAICJA)

As part of a promise I gave to the members of the National American Indian Court Judges Association today (via videotape), I offer (with apologies to Walter Echo-Hawk) ten of the most important tribal court decisions of the last 20 years (in no particular order).

1. In re Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians (Advisory Opinions)

2. Allen v. Cherokee Nation

3. Means v. District Court

4. Bugenig v. Hoopa Valley Tribe

5. Snowden v. Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe

6. In re Bacavi Certified Question (Interim Opinion)/In re Bacavi Cert. Question (Final Opinion)

7. Plains Commerce Bank (Band of Hoven) v. Long Family Land and Cattle Co.

8. Chilkat Indian Village IRA v. Johnson

9. Synowski v. Grand Ronde Confederated Tribes

10. Navajo Nation v. Rodriguez

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One Response to Ten Important Tribal Court Opinions (for NAICJA)

  1. Jill Tompkins says:

    Justice & Professor Fletcher,

    Thank you so much for your presentation, “Indian Courts and the Future: Revisited” at the NAICJA conference today. It was very well received and sparked some very interesting discussion about the issue of judicial independence and the use of tradition and custom in tribal court adjudications. It has also sparked us to focus on more tribal court jurisprudence (instead of mostly discussing federal court opinions) in future conferences. We appreciate all you do to support tribal justice systems through your impressive and thoughtful work. There have been requests for copies of the DVD to bring home. Could you possibly post the presentation online or can you give NAICJA permission to reproduce the DVD’s for the conference attendees.


    Jill E. Tompkins
    Region 7 Director, NAICJA

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