Update in Cobell v. Salazar (Kimberly Craven Appeal)

Here are the D.C. Circuit briefs so far in Kimberly Craven’s challenge to the Cobell settlement:

Craven Brief

Cobell Brief

Federal Government Brief

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12 Responses to Update in Cobell v. Salazar (Kimberly Craven Appeal)

  1. Ted says:

    There are also two amicus briefs.

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  3. Angelique EagleWoman says:

    Thank you Kimberly Craven for your integrity and strength in being a Native woman objecting to this great travesty being perpetuated on Indians once more by the U.S. federal government in contravention of any standard of fairness or equity. I hope many will read the appeal brief filed and understand just how twisted the Cobell Settlement is under U.S. law, Native standards of justice, and basic fairness principles. As a landless Indian, I offer my heartfelt gratitude and prayers to your efforts.

    Pidamayaye for your appeal! Our ancestors and generations to come appreciate all you are doing now.

  4. Helen N. says:

    There are plenty who would disagree. Ms. Craven could have excluded herself from the class action and thereby, would have been free to sue the government as an individual.

  5. Marge Barry says:

    I agree, Ms. Craven could have filed a separate claim, instead of holding the case. This case will never be settled in the manner that Ms. Craven wants. The historical documents concerning IIM accounts have long been destroyed/shredded by the BIA.

    • cacin2 says:

      I agree-Kimberley Craven should have filed her own lawsuit instead of holding up the 500,000. How can judges side with her? Is there a way to get a petition going that could make a difference?

  6. Mike Diaz says:

    After 400+ years of injustice at the hands of the U.S. Government. Something, anything is better than nothing. If any of us think that this government or any administrations will revist any land mark court cases to begin to even adress any of the attrocities our ancestors have suffered we would have to consider ourselves fools. Its only a drop in the bucket, but its SOMETHING as compaired to hundreds of years of NOTHING.

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  8. melmil says:

    It took 14 years for the Government to do something with the Cobell case. I personally don’t consider 14 years of litigating “a shortcut” fix, as Ms. Craven’s appeal states. I consider it a long time to wait, in my life time. Now add on the lifetime that my mom waited, which was 68 years, and I don’t consider the settlement a shortcut at all. What is fair and equitable? For me personally, I have never lived on a reservation and my IIM account passed to me through my mother earns 14 cents a quarter for the fractionated land she passed to her kids. I also have never met many Native Americans or suffered poverty on the reservation. However, my mom’s entire family was separated when she was an infant, and it too 65 of her 68 years on this planet to find out what happened to every single member – every member she could find, that is. What on earth could ever be considered equitable or fair, as everyone has had their own burdens to bear thanks to the misguidance of the Government? What is fair and equitable to my siblings and I who never had a grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins, and all knowledge of our entire family heritage wiped out? Although I commend Ms. Craven for arguing the large sum set aside for Cobell and other plaintiffs, I just don’t think that any agreement reached will ever be truly fair and equitable to everyone. I think we all should be fighting to free ourselves from Government control, not over who gets what.

  9. thomas t says:

    why did this lady (craven) wait till now to appeal this cobell case and never did anything while the plaintiff was still alive. There are alot of poor native americans who were depending on this settlement. I don’t think this is going to make the settlement any higher than what it is already. Alot of angry people are waiting, waiting, waiting.

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  11. Rex Crow says:

    whats wrong with all these people they all want to be indian for a day tell the money is gone cause thats how long its going to last then they will have nothing to do with us again Oglala sioux

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