News Coverage of Whiteclay Suit: “Gold Mines in Hell”


Whiteclay, Nebraska. Population 14, exists only to sell alcohol to Native Americans already reeling from its damage. / Photo by Stephanie Woodard

Additionally, the reporter, Stephanie Woodward, conducted three interviews with Indian country professionals (Diane Garreau, Frank LaMere, Danialle Rose) on Indian child welfare in the aftermath of the NPR profile from last year.


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2 Responses to News Coverage of Whiteclay Suit: “Gold Mines in Hell”

  1. A few years ago we were stopped at a roadblock outside of White Clay and the only thing we had in the rental car were cakes for our family memorial – I was so pleased to see the police attempting to stop the import of liquor from WhiteClay. I blog at about American Indian Adoptees. White Clay is a crime scene.

  2. This is a sad situation. It is as noticeable as the nose on our face, what is being done to our brothers and sisters by the ones that have used and abused them from the beginning of their take over of this country. They have ruined not only the land but also the original citizens of it. Not by mistake but by an evil plan to get rid of them and hide their demonic way of doing it. The United States is not a country of the true God but a country of his enemy, Satan The Devil. The True God loves all his creation of mankind. They were supposed to be a United Happy Family, loving and caring for each other. He will soon get rid of these evil governments and all that stand with them. Those of the Indian Nations that have joined in hand with these evil governments will share in their destruction.

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