Navajo Nation Sues Urban Outfitters for Trademark Violations

Here are the materials in Navajo Nation v. Urban Outfitters (D. N.M.):










And the press release (2012-02-28 Navajo Nation Press Release):

Window Rock, Navajo Nation, Arizona—On February 28, 2012, the Navajo Nation initiated a civil legal action to stop the Urban Outfitters Corporation’s and its wholly-owned subsidiaries’ misappropriation of the “Navajo” name and trademark.

The Navajo Nation has previously demanded that Urban Outfitters cease and desist misappropriating the “Navajo” name and trademark. Although Urban Outfitters said that it had stopped using “Navajo” in connection with the sale of its products, it merely transitioned its misappropriation of the “Navajo” name and trademark to lesser-known websites and print advertisements. Urban Outfitters has continued its misappropriation and trademark infringement to enhance its sales.

The Urban Outfitters Corporation’s intentional infringement and misappropriation of the “Navajo” name and trademark is simply unacceptable. As a sophisticated multi-national conglomerate that generates more than one billion dollars in revenue annually, Urban Outfitters knew or should have known that its conduct is unlawful. Yet Urban Outfitters wantonly misappropriated and infringed on the Navajo Nation’s rights and interests.

Despite the Navajo Nation’s prior attempts to convince Urban Outfitters to stop its infringement by less formal means, Urban Outfitters has refused to stop violating the Navajo Nation’s rights, and instead continues to deceive consumers who seek authentic Navajo and Native American products.

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7 Responses to Navajo Nation Sues Urban Outfitters for Trademark Violations

  1. Mary Street says:

    Good stuff! I wonder why the complaint doesn’t mention that the prices on some items are set at a high enough price (example Exhibit F) that the consumer would believe it could be authentic vintage Navajo goods?

  2. Excellent point! Maybe that will come out in the trial…..

  3. johnny v. says:

    wow, Navajo print fabric flask, so you can get all drunk like a real NDN!! pretty tacky!

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