Materials in Encana Oil & Gas v. St. Clair (Wind River Tribal Court Jurisdiction Case) — UPDATED

This appears to be an effort to avoid a tribal court trial in the wrongful death action brought by an oil worker at the Wind River Reservation (news coverage here).

Update: Last week’s hearing transcript here: encana-v-st-clair-transcript-of-march-2-pi-hearing REV (H/T)

Encana Complaint

Exhibit A – Tribal Court Orders

Exhibit B — Tribal Appellate Court Order

Exhibit C — tribal court complaint

Exhibit E — Encana Jurisdictional Submissions

Exhibit F — DHS Jurisdictional Submissions

Exhibit K — Wind River TERO

Exhibit M — Northern Arapaho Motion to Intervene

Exhibit N — Eastern Shoshone Motion to Intervene

Exhibit P — Order Allowing Intervention

Exhibit Q1 — Compilation of Tribal Court Pleadings

Exhibit Q2

Exhibit Q3

Exhibit Q4

Exhibit Q5

Exhibit Q6

DCT Order Granting Estate Motion to Intervene

Encana Motion for PI

Defendant Opposition to Motion for PI

Encana Reply in Support of PI Motion

Defendant Motion to Dismiss

Encana Opposition to Def Motion to Dismiss

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3 Responses to Materials in Encana Oil & Gas v. St. Clair (Wind River Tribal Court Jurisdiction Case) — UPDATED

  1. Wind River Noose says:

    Has the author of either of these articles contacted The Eastern Shoshone Office Of Attorney General, or the attorney’s for the Northern Arapaho Tribe for comment?

  2. Hubert Sky says:

    Has anyone from the media contacted the Eastern Shoshone Tribe or the Northern Arapaho Tribes busines council for comment. No. They can not comment on a case that is litigation. But I cant wait for a responce from Orville and Wes on this one.

  3. Pingback: Federal Court Finds Encana Failed to Exhaust Tribal Court Remedies, and Dismisses Challenge to Wind River Tribal Court Jurisdiction | Turtle Talk

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