US Capital Energy obtains drilling permit on Maya land in Belize without Maya consent and then bribes key Maya leader

This issue came to my attention because Hamline Law had invited Cristina Coc, a Maya leader on land rights issues, to speak last week, but Ms. Coc had to cancel at the last moment when US Capital Energy obtained a permit from the Belize government without the Maya people’s consent and then bribed a Maya leader to voice his support for their actions. The Maya Leaders Alliance is still fighting the attempt by US Capital Energy, which continues it attempts to literally silence any opposition.

A news article is here, and additional information, including a request for financial help from Ms. Coc, is here:
scan coc

and here:

Govt and US Capital Energy Disrespects Maya Leadership[1]

If you want to contact someone in the U.S. who is familiar with the situation, you can contact Mark Brown of BRIDGEs, a new U.S. non-profit that had planned to bring Ms. Coc to Minnesota.

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  1. Are we shocked, no.
    Thank-you Turtle Talk for keeping us informed…
    We wanted to share what we caught during the Hilary Clinton speech about the reason for the murders of 4 US Citizens in Libya on Sept. 11 2012, we still do not have truthful answers about…when Hillary said the US respects all peoples religions…
    If that was factual, we Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota would not have been murdered by the US Calvery at Wounded Knee in Dec 1890, or not have the legal right to practice our Lakota faith & Cannunpa (pipe) ceremonies outlawed by the US Government until 1978 when Jimmy Carter knew most of the true ways of our faith was being replaced by fraudulently placed lies & propaganda by academia & the Smithsonian.
    Right now there are people calling for a statement from the so-called expert in Religion for Lakota people, their culture & history to explain why he used someone elses copyrighted (Aug 1936) photo for his own use (1966-67 South Dakota Museum News), & choose to overlook & suppressed that same persons accurate books on the subject, leaving his heirs nearly penniless while he has profited, along with Arvol Looking Horse, AIM & the Smithsonian with this lie.
    It all goes without saying, it has a lot to do with elitism, & thinking if you tell people long enough a lie, (a very big lie), they will begin to believe it…
    Only this Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota, & many others now coming forward know it is nothing more than 45 years of academic fraud & Intellectual Property theft of an authentic 1st Nations persons life’s work AIM attempted to destroy during the Seige of Wounded Knee.
    So, nothing you show us here will remotely suprise us.

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    People need to see this…exploitation of aboriginal people & their lands continue…

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