Second Term Wish List — Turtle Talk Poll

Hey there, it turns out the President won reelection after all, after I had given him up for dead in the early summer (we know it was all Michelle). Shows what I know (thank you East Lansing’s own Nate Silver for your daily anti-depressive medicine over at 538).

So what’s gonna happen now? Let’s vote on it? Naturally, I can’t think of everything so it’s okay toss in your own suggestions in the space provided. We’ll keep this one open for a bit. And you can vote again and again. Why not?

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4 Responses to Second Term Wish List — Turtle Talk Poll

  1. Angelique EagleWoman says:

    I voted “Other – All of the above”.

  2. Buck the System says:

    Native federal judges can do all of those things. They just have to be brave enough to send it up.

  3. Jill Elizabeth Tompkins says:

    Can we please what people said for “Other?”

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  4. Ken Akini says:

    Other – Hawaiian sovereignty.

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