Heritage Foundation Doesn’t Like Carcieri Fix

Not much of a surprise here, just talking points for Republican legislators with poor staffs. Otherwise, there would be factual support for the allegations made therein, presumably.

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One Response to Heritage Foundation Doesn’t Like Carcieri Fix

  1. Philip says:

    One wonders whether the Heritage Foundation would favor requiring private land owners or state governments to “Subject any material changes in use to additional [federal] review,” a requirement they support regarding trust lands. Surely a small-government laise faire organization such as this should recognize the wet blanket it would throw over tribal economic development to require tribes to “provide detailed information about the intended use of the land” to justify it as a “legitimate tribal need” whenever the tribe thinks it can put the land to better economic use.

    As if the current land-into-trust process is not burdensome enough. Those who persist in believing the Secretary simply rubber-stamps land-into-trust applications in order to steal power away from the states have shown no inclination to give the data even a cursory look, because this position cannot withstand the slightest bit of scrutiny. It is unbelievable that, in 2012, there are still so many who want to make it harder for tribes to support themselves.

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