Navajo Nation Supreme Court Issues Opinions in Employment and Government Contracting Disputes

Here is the opinion in Meadows v. Navajo Nation Labor Commission.The court’s syllabus:

The Court grants a petition for writ of mandamus, finding that the Labor Commission lacked authority to order the recusal of the panel and all previous members. The Court remands the matter for the Commission to hear the merits of the case. (November 2, 2012).

Here is the opinion in Graven v. Morgan. An excerpt:

This case concerns an appeal of Window Rock District Court’s dismissal of a breach of contract lawsuit. Appellant Will Graven appeals the June 17, 2010 decision of the district court dismissing the suit against Appellees Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council and the Chief of  Staff of the legislative branch in their individual capacities on the basis of sovereign immunity.The Court affirms the dismissal but on other grounds.

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