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Much of the IdleNoMore coverage moves even faster than a blog can (fast though we may be). We are trying to use the twitter feed (@ILPCTurtleTalk) more to retweet information as it comes up. Just today it looks like Prime Minister Harper has agreed to meet with First Nations leaders on January 11th, that Chief Spence will continue her hunger strike until the meeting occurs, and that there are border blockades planned at the Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia and the First Bridge at Akwesasne for January 5th. As the inevitable legal developments arise from this activism, we will certainly cover and link to the documents here on TurtleTalk, as always.

Other twitter feeds we’ve found full of great information include @afixedaddress, @WabKinew, @APTNNews, @goodfox, and @NativeApprops. We’re sure there are many, many others, and please feel free to leave them in the comment section for our readers.

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