Navajo SCT Issues Two Opinions (on School District Elections and Family Law)

Here they are:

Mae Y. Sandoval v. Navajo Election Administration and Concerning Leo Johnson, Jr., Real Party in Interest. Opinion. Reversing the OHA, the Court finds that Dr. Leo Johnson was not qualified to run for school board member in the Shiprock Associated Schools,. Inc. (SASI) as he was an employee of that organization, which disqualified him from running. The election statute regarding sworn qualifications must be read as mandatory whether a challenge is raised before or after an election because an unqualified candidate may not hold elected office. (December 18. 2012).

Glenyal Bahe v. Adam Platero. Opinion. The Court affirms the Crownpoint Family Court’s dismissal of plaintiff’s child custody and support action concerning a Navajo family in deference to a previously filed action in the Bernalillo district court. The Court emphasizes that inherent tribal sovereignty provides Navajo courts with exclusive jurisdiction over matters concerning internal relations between tribal members, and that the courts must be watchful that they do not unnecessarily concede concurrent jurisdiction in such matters. Nevertheless, 7 NNC 253a(E) enables our courts to defer to another forum in the interest of substantial justice and in the spirit of comity. (December 20. 2012).

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