Poarch Band of Creek Indians Announces Summer Law Internship Program

2013 Summer Law Internship Program

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians Legal Department is establishing a summer internship program for law students with an interest in learning about the legal issues that face a federally recognized tribe.  This internship will offer the opportunity to obtain practical knowledge and experience regarding both tribal and federal Indian law.

Under this Program, a law student will assist the Attorney General or any designated supervising attorney in providing legal services and representation to the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, its Tribal Council, its Tribal boards/committees, its Tribal Government, and its Tribal authorities, commissions, enterprises, and other entities in a broad variety of matters, including, but not limited to, contracts, employment issues, administrative matters, real estate matters, Indian gaming, taxation, tribal jurisdiction, environmental law, cultural resource preservation, criminal matters, child welfare, and legislation.  The internship will last six weeks during the summer of 2013.  A stipend will be paid to the selected candidate.

Applications are due by close of business on April 19, 2013.  The selected candidate will be informed by April 26, 2013.

To apply, please submit the following to the Legal Department by personal delivery, e-mail to glangham@pci-nsn.gov, or fax to (251) 368-1610, by the deadline:

(1)               A cover letter;

(2)               A current resume; and

(3)               A copy of your transcript.


In order to be eligible for selection and participation, an applicant must meet the following requirements at the time the internship begins and for the duration of the internship:

(1)               Must be currently enrolled at an accredited law school and submit official transcript for the 2011-12 academic year prior to the start of the internship.

(2)               Must provide legal proof of authorization to work in the United States.

(3)               Must not currently be subject to any disciplinary action by any institution or entity, including, but not limited to, any education or law enforcement agency.

(4)               Must possess a high level of maturity with the ability to work with and maintain confidential information.

(5)               Must possess a valid state driver’s license.

Please call or e-mail any questions to Gia Langham, Legal Executive Assistant, at (251) 368-9136 Ext. 2525 or glangham@pci-nsn.gov.



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