Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl Amicus Briefs Supporting Respondents — UPDATED 3/29/13


11-399 bsac The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

12-399 bsac 63 California Indian Tribes

12-399 bsac American Civil Liberties Union

12-399 bsac Arizona et al

12-399 bsac CurrentandFormerMembersofCongress

12-399 bsac Family Law Professors

12-399 bsac Friends Committee on National Legislation et al.

12-399 bsac Hamline Univ Sch of Law Child Advocacy Clinic

12-399 bsac Lower Sioux Indian Community

12-399 bsac Nat’l Lat Psych Assoc

12-399 bsac Navajo Nation

12-399 bsac Seminole Tribe of Florida et al

12-399 bsac Tanana Chiefs Conference, et al

12-399 bsac The Honorable Abby Abinanti Chief Justice of the Yurok Tribal Court (2)

12-399 bsac Wisconsin Tribes

12-399 Professors of Indian Law Amicus

12-399 bsac Adult Pre-ICWA Indian Adoptees

12-399 bsac Associationon American Indian Affairs

12-399 bsac CaseyFamilyPrograms

12-399 bsac Inter Tribal Council of AZ

12-399 bsac MN DHS

12-399 bsac Nat’l Native American Bar Assoc

12-399 bsac Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Assoc

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