Luckerman v. Narragansett Indian Tribe: Suit to Recover Attorney Fees

Here is the tribe’s notice of removal to federal court, and the state court complaint is attached:

Notice of Removal + State Court Complaint


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4 Responses to Luckerman v. Narragansett Indian Tribe: Suit to Recover Attorney Fees

  1. Rhode Island is still fighting the Indians aND WILL CONTINUE UNTILL THE TRIBE IS EXTINGUISHED. Even BROWN UNIVERSITY has refused to let Native Americans study at this Rhode Island Ivy league school. It is a laugh that the common man is on the State Capitol Building in Providence.

  2. Kevin Leland says:

    It’s hard to feel bad for a Rhode Island lawyer getting stiffed by his client. If you knew my experience with Rhode Island lawyers, you would understand why I wouldn’t retain one to blow my dog. If he was willing to do it on contingency, then I still wouldn’t give him his cut unless my dog told me he did a fine job. Considering my dog doesn’t talk, he might be waiting a long time, like poor Mr. Luckerman Esquire. Here is an article I wrote about the Narragansetts. It’s under the creative Commons 3.0 license, so feel free to use it on your excellent site: Narragansett Indian Tribe of Rhode Island and Their Continuing Struggles with the State

  3. Kevin Leland says:

    $1,100,000?? For what? Even at $150 per hour, that’s 7,333 hours. This is like the 46 year old lawyer that arrived at the Pearly Gates, and complained to St. Peter, “I’m only 46, why would God take me now, when I’m barely middle-aged?” St. Peter looked at his file, then said to the lawyer, “by the hours you’ve billed, we estimate that you’re about 98!”

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