Highlights from Wisconsin ILSA’s 2013 Coming Together of Peoples Conference

Sorry for delay, but this happened over last weekend. Chi-miigwetch again to the Wisconsin ILSA law students, especially Jason Sanders for inviting me. And for my troubles (there just weren’t any), I received possibly the greatest gift any speaker can receive — a gargoyle. And it all happened as the ajijaak returned:


Please see after the fold for my not-so-competent pics of the speakers:

Panel 1 — Dawn Baum, Larry Church, Aaron Bird Bear, Richard Monette

Panel 1

Panel 2 — Judge Amanda Rockman, Jeff Davis, Jill Engel

Panel 2

Panel 3 — Bill Bettenberg, Stephen Manydeeds

Panel 3

Panel 4 — Dennis Grzezinski, Ezra Rosser, Jim Schlender, Jr.

Panel 4

Panel 5 — Larry Roberts, Del Laverdure

Panel 5

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