NYTs Video Report on Impact of Sequestration at Pine Ridge


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2 Responses to NYTs Video Report on Impact of Sequestration at Pine Ridge

  1. Reblogged this on 47whitebuffalo's Blog and commented:
    Discover ALL Turtle Talk has to offer. It’s got variety for sure! Finally some highprofile news on the CUTS that are impacting the poor on the reservations–housing, police, education. Can you imagine having only ONE police on duty per shift in your city? How about living in trailers FEMA has thrown awya? How about NO summer school education for your children? How about the school year being cut short because the BIA has no funds for it? So much for the richest country on the planet taking care of its legal treaty obligations. OOps but if you’ve been peaking at the dark side lately, well, then we’re not surprised, are we? Another element of tragedy for our current so called leaders. Leaders of what? Oh yeah, the industrial-military complex business of world domination. Hey Pinky, how’s The Brain today?

  2. Lisa says:

    We are sending 100 million to Eqypt Why? We should ask for the f-16 and sell them then at least maybe we could feed, house and maybe educate out people. Maybe the answer is to go to war again. That is in court fight by suing the Obama administration for failure to keep its treaties.Or maybe instead of fema trailers that make people sick we should go back to tradtinal housing. To ensure safety create pubic bath house and showers like some tribal peoples in europe the ones who follow the rain deer. If we can not count on the American Government we as a nations need to find our own way. All tribes should form one nation and work together as it is clear that the “Great White” Government is as always useless.

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