Addendum to Justice Scalia’s Record

Update to Justice Scalia post….

We now have a link to the Charlie Rose show where Justice Scalia made a statement about his vote in the Holyfield matter — it starts at about 34:20 into the show, or at about 19:20 remaining. NYTs coverage here. Yes, he absolutely got the facts wrong….

Also, and I regret forgetting this, see below Justice Scalia’s internal memorandum to Justice Brennan in the Duro v. Reina deliberations, uncovered by David Getches in Justice Marshall’s papers (if I recall correctly):


And we conclude with a pic of the Justice as Grand Marshal of the Columbus Day parade in NYC about 10 years ago — the title of the NYTs article was “Who’s That Guy? Without Robes, Grand Marshal Is Mystery“:


Scalia Grand Marshal


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