Siletz Tribe Raises Minimum Wage

Here (PDF):

Siletz Tribe Raises Minimum Wage

The Siletz Tribal Council has raised the hourly minimum wage for employees of all tribal entities from $9.25 to $11 an hour.

The new minimum wage applies to Chinook Winds Casino Resort, including the hotel, golf course and fitness center. It also applies to all employees of the Tribal government and tribally owned entities, including the Siletz Tribal Business Corporation, Internal Audit Department and the Siletz Tribal Gaming Commission.

Tribal Council approved the raise effective Jan. 1, 2016, which will result in a small retroactive payment for employees currently making the tribal minimum wage. Annually, the increase means an extra $2,704 for a minimum wage employee working 30 hours a week. This additional income will help with the rising costs of groceries, gas, heath care, utilities, rent and recreation, which also benefits the local economy.

According to Tribal Chairman Delores Pigsley, “The Tribal Council sees the new tribal minimum wage as one way to help employees and their families to make ends meet.”

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