2016 NNALSA Moot Court

Final Round Judges and Oralists:

2016 NNALSA Moot Court

Judge Wenona Singel, Judge Patricia Millett, KU Law Students Maureen Orth & Jessica Frederickson, OU Law Students Victoria Procter & Ashley Akers, Judge Bridget McCormack, Judge Matthew Fletcher, and Judge Michael Petoskey

Congrats to Kansas for prevailing!


All-woman final!

Rice Award

Maureen Orth winning the G. William Rice Best Oralist Award presented by Professor Rice’s daughter Karen Rice and her fellow PLSI sisters to support Karen and honor Bill Rice.

More pics….

Hemp Bar

0.3% THC soap

MSU Moot Court

MSU Moot Court Team [Elise McGowan-Cuellar directed the competition, and so she gets the waabigwan]

Karen Rice

Our new best friend, Karen Rice! [and that’s Hunter Cox doing some heavy listing on the left]


A shot of the field before the competition. Top overall seed in the front on the right, Emmett Waasamowin and Owen Buki Waabmigizi.

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