American Indian Law Review, Vol. 39, No. 2


Vol. 39, No. 2 (2014-2015)


Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction Beyond Citizenship and Blood – Addie C. Rolnick

When a Tribal Entity Becomes a Nation: The Role of Politics in the Shifting Federal Recognition Regulations – Lorinda Riley


Native Americans and the Legalization of Marijuana: Can the Tribes Turn Another Addiction into Affluence? – Melinda Smith

Coalbed Methane Development in Wyoming and Montana: The Potential Impacts of Montana v. Wyoming, Coalbed Methane Development, and Water Quality on the Tribes of the Powder River and Wind River Basins – Mallory Irwinsky

The Bureau of Land Management’s Finalized Hydraulic Fracturing Rule on Tribal Lands: A Responsibility or Intrusion? – Kerstie Moran


Analysis of a Bias-Based Exception to the Doctrine of Exhaustion in Wilson v. Bull – Mitch McGrew

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