Hopi Job Vacancies

Here are current vacancies for the Hopi Tribe. These positions are vacant until filled. Position descriptions are attached. The employment application may be obtained on their website.

GEN COU General Counsel02996

HTC Chief Judge 012014 E80

OGC Deputy General Counsel 122006

You can also find their Job Vacancy Listing on-line at the following address:   http://www.hopi-nsn.gov/tribal-services/human-resources/job-listings/

Applications can be submitted:

a: To the Office of Human Resources

b: Mailed to:  The Hopi Tribe, Human Resources, PO Box 123, Kykotsmovi Arizona 86039

c: Faxed to (928) 734-6611 (Please call to verify that HR received your fax)

d: Or e-mail to HumanResources@hopi.nsn.us

Questions may be directed to 928-734-3212.

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