Draft ROW Bill Requests Tribal Comments By July 13th

Download proposed rule here.

NCAI has been asked to share this draft of the Rights-of-Way bill with Tribes for feedback before it is introduced next Friday by Congressman Luján (D-NM).  Turnaround time to provide comments is by middle of next week.

Please review and if you have any feedback, thoughts, or questions, please contact Graham Mason, Legislative Director, Office of Congressman Luján at Graham.Mason@mail.house.gov.

About Sarah M Donnelly

Program Coordinator for the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University College of Law.
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2 Responses to Draft ROW Bill Requests Tribal Comments By July 13th

  1. Tom Hahn says:

    Right away appraisals should be done by person’s that have no conflicts of interests. BIA employee’s should not be allowed to make appraisal’s. It is done by independent appraisers.

  2. Katherine Ware-Perosi says:

    All Indian Trust land appraisals, ROW’s state, city, local and federal projects should be appraised by a competitive independent appraisal contractor for the benefit of Tribes & landowners. DOI/OST appraisers are cheating the Native Americans of the value of their lands. Land is land it does not change. All lands are equal in the United States. The Native Americans are being cheated & disrespected of the value of their lands. Katherine Ware-Perosi, Kiowa Indian Landowner, Semi-Retired DOI BIA/ROW Specialist

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