Judge Richard Blake Honored as Justice Innovator of the Year

Judge Richard Blake, Chief Judge of Hoopa Valley Tribal Court and Board of Directors President of the National American Indian Court Judges Association, was honored at the NCJFCJ Annual Conference as Justice Innovator of the Year.

The Innovator of the Year Award honors someone who has inspired, sponsored, promoted, or led an innovation or accomplishment of national significance in juvenile justice, child abuse and neglect, family law, and/or domestic violence.

Judge Blake has been a tireless advocate for tribal court judges and has been involved in amazing work in his own Tribe, leading the way in innovative practices in all areas of the law. The work he has done and the sacrifices he has made have been inspirational to many. It is great to see him being recognized on a national level for his efforts.

Congratulations Judge Blake (and his gorgeous daughter who stole the show).

H/T to Nikki Campbell for the picture.


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  1. Loren Bommelyn says:

    ‘Aa-lhxvn-t’i! (Awesomely-sweet!) Who would have known when we were students at Del Norte High where our life pathways was to take us. Good for you.
    Loren Me’-lash-ne Bommelyn

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