Ninth Circuit Materials in Klamath-Trinity River Flow Dispute

Hoopa - Trinity River

Trinity River in the Hoopa Valley Reservation

Here are the materials in San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water authority v. Jewell:

25 US Opening Brief

27 YT Opening Brief

28 CDFW Motion and Amicus Brief

52 2016-04-15 SLDMWA-WWD opening & resp brief

57 2016-07-01 Hoopa reply brief

59 2016-07-01 Fed Ds’ reply-response brief

62 2016-07-01 PCFFA-IFR response brief

64 2016-07-01 Yurok third brief on cross-appeal

72 2016-07-29 water contractors’ cross-appeal reply brief

73 2016-07-29 water contractors’ reply to PCFFA

SLDMWA v. Jewell, 52 FS3d 1020 (EDCA 2014) 2013 FARs XMSJ dcn

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