Federal Court Grants TRO against Standing Rock Members in SLAPP Suit related to Dakota Access Pipeline

Here are the materials in Dakota Access LLC v. Archambault (D.N.D.):

1 Complaint

4 Motion for TRO

7 DCT Order Granting TRO

Related suit here.

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4 Responses to Federal Court Grants TRO against Standing Rock Members in SLAPP Suit related to Dakota Access Pipeline

  1. vance gillette says:

    DC suit over pipeline. The related NEPA suit over the pipeline in North Dakota should get some relief for the Sioux and other plaintiffs. While the ND federal court issued an order over Indians protesting at the pipeline site, the federal court in DC will hold an injunction hearing next week August 24 wed. as I recall.

    Defense in ND protest case. A defense is that the Army Corp wrongly issued a permit to cross the
    Missouri River (pipeline Dakota Access company). Hearing on ND case is set for August
    25 Thursday. The ND judge like aware of the related case in DC. From the pleadings the Standing Rock Sioux have a good NEPA claim and should get relief.

    Finally, many citizens and Indians headed to pipeline site and gaining support from across the country. A ‘spirit camp’ is seeking help on camping suppose etc. so kick in if you can.
    Vance G.

  2. LaDonna Wind says:

    I hope they are successful in stopping the pipe line company! Disregard for the rights of the tribes is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated! Best of luck to all The Tribes!

  3. Louise Benally says:

    File one them too. Counter suit.

  4. With what little there is today, this one believes that there still is some Justice in this situation for those that are oppressed, today we voice our disapproval of all that has bought out the worst in our fellow man. For we see nothing but Greed. We seek support from a higher authority, and pray that no harm come to all that are involved in this matter.

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