Turtle Talk Poll Results — Nooksack Disenrollments

Few Turtle Talk readers support disenrolling the so-called Nooksack 306. The vast majority of TT readers think Nooksack should hold elections before disenrollments. There is a wide variety of opinions on which forum should resolve the disputes.


Question: Should the Nooksack 306 Be Disenrolled?



12 4.44%


202 74.81%

Don’t Know

56 20.74%

Question: Should the Nooksack Tribe Hold Elections Before Proceeding with Disenrollments?



212 85.48%


25 10.08%

Don’t Know

11 4.44%

Question: Which forum is the best place to resolve litigation arising from this dispute?


Nooksack tribal council (incl. Nooksack Supreme Court)

14 5.45%

Nooksack tribal judiciary

89 34.63%

Bureau of Indian Affairs

51 19.84%

Federal or state courts

80 31.13%

International forums

7 2.72%


16 6.23%
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