Turtle Talk Poll on Interior Secretary Shortlist

Here are the results:

1. Robert Grady  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Richard Pombo  loses to Robert Grady by 16–15
3. Mead Treadwell  loses to Robert Grady by 16–15, loses to Richard Pombo by 17–16
4. Cynthis Lummis  loses to Robert Grady by 16–14, loses to Mead Treadwell by 16–14
5. Tied:
Mary Fallin  loses to Robert Grady by 22–12, loses to Cynthis Lummis by 16–15
Harold Hamm  loses to Robert Grady by 21–10, loses to Cynthis Lummis by 17–12
7. Jan Brewer  loses to Robert Grady by 23–13, loses to Harold Hamm by 19–17
8. Forrest Lucas  loses to Robert Grady by 22–11, loses to Jan Brewer by 21–18
9. Sarah Palin  loses to Robert Grady by 28–8, loses to Forrest Lucas by 22–15
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