Sioux Tribes Request Precautionary Measures to Protect Against DAPL


Filed on behalf of Standing Rock, Cheyenne River, and Yankton Sioux Tribes by the American Indian Law Clinic at Colorado Law, Earthjustice, and Fredericks, Peebles and Morgan LLP.

Measures requested:

  1. Deny the easement allowing construction of the pipeline under the Missouri River at
    Lake Oahe as soon as possible;
  2. Complete a full environmental impact statement in formal consultation with the Tribes;
  3. Establish clear rules requiring that indigenous peoples who may be affected by
    government decisions have the opportunity for full and meaningful prior informed
    consent within the meanings established in the UN Declaration on the Rights of
    Indigenous Peoples and the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court and this
  4. Establish clear rules ensuring full environmental and social assessment of activities that may affect indigenous peoples, with the full participation of the affected indigenous peoples;
  5. Immediately take all actions necessary to guarantee the safety of those engaging in
    peaceful prayer and protest concerning DAPL, and to ensure the full enjoyment of their rights to expression and assembly;
  6. Any other action this Commission deems appropriate.

About Sarah M Donnelly

Program Coordinator for the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University College of Law.
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