Report: Improving Tribal Consultation and Tribal Involvement in Federal Infrastructure Decisions – January 2017

Here. [PDF for when the Trump Administration deletes this report.] Update 10/27/17 — aaaaand it’s gone.

An excerpt:

This Report serves several functions. First, it provides information about the existing Federal statutory, regulatory, and policy framework governing both Tribal consultation and Federal decision-making on infrastructure and related projects. Second, it serves as a record of Tribal input on this topic, summarizing both written and oral comments received during the consultations, listening session, and written comment period. Third, in order to improve both consultation and infrastructure permitting processes, this Report recommends that agencies undertake a thorough review of their consultation policies and practices, and that consultation policies be provided to the WHCNAA and made publicly available (if they are not already). The Report provides an initial Federal response to Tribal comments and recommendations along with a set of principles that should inform Tribal consultation. Finally, the Report highlights best practices gleaned from what Tribes identified as successful Tribal consultations and makes recommendations for further research, administrative, regulatory, or legislative action.

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4 Responses to Report: Improving Tribal Consultation and Tribal Involvement in Federal Infrastructure Decisions – January 2017

  1. Nicholas J. Gasca says:

    Hello, who do I contact to post an link to an article about a recent development for Alaska tribal courts.



    Nick Gasca
    Associate Counsel
    Tanana Chiefs Conference
    122 1st Ave., Suite 600
    Fairbanks, AK 99701
    Phone: 907-452-8251 x 3005
    Fax: 907-459-3953

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