Which Acronym is Real?

ACTUP: Association of California Tribes for Unseating Trump

ART: Alliance of Republican Tribes

BELT: Band of Eleven Libertarian Tribes

COLT: Coalition of Large Tribes

COSTLY: Council of Small Tribes for the Liberation of the Yukon

GASHOG: Groups of AmerIndians Singing for a Hot Oily God

MIGHT: Michigan Indians Greatly Hating Trump

MOOGIE*: Men going On and On about Gasoline, Indians, and Energy

NCAI: National Coalition of Atheist Indians

PIGLET: Privatization Indians Going to LovE Trump

PIPE: Progressive Indians Protesting Evil

TCHWUNK**: Trump-lovers Challenging Willing and Unattached Natives to Kiss

TIGER: Tribes in Giant Elevated Reservations

TRIBES: Tribes Revelling In Boring Extraction Science

ZINKE: Zealous Indians in Native Kommunities on Earth

The answer is COLT.

* Tchwunk 

** Moogie.

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