Standing Rock Denounces Army Easement Announcement, Vows Court Challenge

Download(PDF): Press Release

Next steps for Tribe and allies:

  • The Tribe will challenge any easement decision on the grounds that the EIS was
    wrongfully terminated. The Tribe will demand a fair, accurate and lawful environmental impact statement to identify true risks to its treaty rights, including its water supply and sacred places.
  • The Tribe has asked the court for DAPL to disclose its oil spill and risk assessment
    records for full transparency and review by the public.
  • If DAPL is successful in constructing and operating the pipeline, the Tribe will seek to
    shut the pipeline operations down.
  • A Native Nations march on Washington is scheduled for March 10. The Standing Rock
    Sioux Tribe and tribes across the country invite allies in America and from around the
    world to join the march.

About Sarah M Donnelly

Program Coordinator for the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University College of Law.
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