More DAPL Pleadings (March 15 to Present)


174 ACOE Unopposed Motion to Consolidate Cases

174-1 Proposed Order

175 SRST Motion to Extend Time

176 DAPL Opp to SRST Mtn Ext Time

177 Vance Response to Court’s 3-3-17 Order

[178 sealed]

179 DAPL Status Report-Redacted

180 Stmt of Prop Intervenors as to Adequacy of Representation by Tribes

181 Notice of Lodging Administrative Record

184 ACOE OPP to CRST Mtn PSJ & Cross Mtn for PSJ

185 DAPL Resp to CRST Mtn for Partial SJ & Cross Mtn for Partial SJ

188 ACOE Response to Mtn to Amend Complaint

189 ACOE Response to Jumping Eagle et al Mtns to Intervene

190 DAPL Status Rept

190 Vance Response to Court’s March 13 Order

192 DAPL Opposition to Motions to Intervene

193 DAPL Opposition to Motions to Amend Complaints

Prior post here. All DAPL documents here.

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