Gorsuch: “Tribes are . . . Sovereign Nations”

Here is a link to a short clip created by a user on C-SPAN from Judge Gorsuch’s testimony. Judge Gorsuch mentions his decisions in cases involving the Ute Tribe and the Osage Tribe. Thanks to John Dossett.

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2 Responses to Gorsuch: “Tribes are . . . Sovereign Nations”

  1. I am a member of the Osage Nation and the lead evaluator of Judge Gorsuch for the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary. The Committee Chair and I will be testifying before and answering questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee at 9:30 am tomorrow morning. I am proud to represent! Shannon Edwards

  2. Tiger Paulk says:

    If tribes truly are sovereign nations then why is it former Under-Secretary Washburn and the rest of the BIA upper echelon think that they have the right and power to dismantle a legitimately elected tribal government and devise an open enrollment of the California Valley Miwok Tribe?
    The tribes existing governmental foundation rests upon document GC-98-01 which the BIA actually instituted in working with the tribe to establish the very government that they are now trying to invalidate.

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