Carl Tobias on Nominating Judge Diane Humetewa to the Ninth Circuit

Here is “Nominating Judge Humetewa to the Ninth Circuit,” which appears in the Los Angeles Review of Books blog. HT.

An excerpt:

Obama could have nominated Humetewa, but little time remained in his tenure for the Senate to confirm her. Thus, President Trump should promptly make Humetewa’s nomination. Elevation is a venerable tool which modern Presidents have employed, because the Senate has already confirmed the jurist, who has compiled a lengthy, accessible record. Trenchant Ninth Circuit illustrations encompass Judges Mary Murguia and Jacqueline Nguyen. The White House must assiduously consult McCain and Flake, who should be very supportive, as they promoted Humetewa’s district court appointment, especially by persuading GOP colleagues to favor her approval.

In sum, President Trump should promptly nominate Judge Diane Humetewa to the Ninth Circuit. Because she is a well qualified, consensus jurist, who has much experience addressing critical issues that the Ninth Circuit resolves, Humetewa will serve with great distinction.

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