New York Appellate Division Vacates Money Judgment against Unkechaug Indian Nation

Here is the opinion in Aron Security Inc. v. Unkechaug Indian Nation (N.Y.A.D.):

Aron Security v. Unkechauge

An excerpt:

The plaintiff security company entered into a services contract with the defendant, the Unkechaug Indian Nation. Upon the defendant’s alleged failure to pay sums due under the contract, the plaintiff commenced this action, inter alia, to recover damages for breach of contract. After obtaining a judgment in its favor and against the defendant, entered May 22, 2014, the plaintiff served an information subpoena on nonparty Michelle Jackson, a signatory to the contract on the defendant’s behalf, in an effort to collect on the judgment. Jackson did not respond and the plaintiff moved, inter alia, to hold Jackson in contempt. The defendant then moved to dismiss the action for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, asserting that as an Indian tribe, it possessed sovereign immunity from suit. The Supreme Court denied the defendant’s motion and denied the plaintiff’s motion with leave to renew.

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