Georgia Appellate Court Vacates Arbitration Award against Guidiville Band of the Pomo Indians

Here is the opinion in Churchill Financial Management Corp. v. ClearNexus Inc. (Ga. Ct. App.):

Ga Ct App Opinion

An excerpt:

Most courts that have addressed this issue have determined that tribal sovereign immunity extends to entities known as chartered tribal corporations when they are “arms of the tribe.” Whether a corporation is an “arm of the tribe” protected by tribal sovereign immunity generally is determined based on a consideration of tribal involvement in the creation and control of the entity, intent to clothe the entity with immunity, and whether the entity serves tribal sovereign interests such as economic development.

Although neither the arbitrator nor the superior court engaged in an analysis based on any factors to determine whether Churchill is an arm of the Tribe, ClearNexus has conceded that Churchill is an arm of the Tribe. Additionally, Churchill’s articles of incorporation stated that “[t]he Corporation shall be wholly owned by the Tribe for the benefit of the Tribe and its members” and is clothed with the immunity of the Tribe. Therefore, we need not adopt a particular approach to determine this issue at this time, and we need not remand in order for the superior court to make this determination.

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