New Student Scholarship on Indian Country Cross Deps

Here is “Bridging the Jurisdictional Void: Cross-Deputization Agreements in Indian Country,” forthcoming in the Arizona State Law Journal.

The abstract:

Comment examines cross-deputization agreements in Indian Country, focusing on the relationship between tribes and state and local governments and the impact cross-deputization agreements have on enforcing criminal law in Indian Country. Section I examines the recent rise and evolution in tribal law enforcement powers. Section II briefly addresses the current ability of tribal police to enforce laws off of tribal land and the ability of state police to enforce laws on tribal land. Finally, Section III examines the benefits and issues involved with cross deputization agreements.

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One Response to New Student Scholarship on Indian Country Cross Deps

  1. bignuba says:

    Excellent article. In ND we challenged an county deputy’s arrest of an Indian on the T Mt Indian Res. for not following the tribal extradition law. Davis v Mueller, 8CA in l980’s. Eventually, the
    terrorizing charge “over the phone” was dismissed.
    Next, In MT the tribal and city police acted jointly and a 42 USC Sec. l983 suit went to the 9th Circuit. Evans v. McKay, 869 F2d 1341 (1989) (how to plead a l983 claim).

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