Turtle Talk is the blog for the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University College of Law. We specialize in providing access to primary documents related to current topics in American Indian law and policy — court opinions and pleadings, federal government documents, scholarly materials, and other sources.

We also post news items related to Indian law and politics, with a special emphasis on topics related to Indian tribes in Michigan and the Great Lakes region. We also post announcements about our activities and about the activities of the MSU Native American Law Students Association, as well as announcements on selected upcoming events throughout Indian country.

Turtle Talk offers links to every Supreme Court case involving federal Indian law in the modern era (1959 to present). Turtle Talk provides links to the primary documents key to Michigan Anishinaabe legal and political history, including a link to every federal and state legal decision involving one of the Michigan Ottawa/Odawa tribes. We also offer links to all kinds of scholarship about the Anishinaabek and Anishinaabe tribes.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our autonomy and, until recently, long resisted soliciting or accepting advertising. However, Turtle Talk is not free and expenses have risen slightly. As of 2014, we have gratefully accepted a continuing donation from Kanji & Katzen to cover the additional expenses of running Turtle Talk. Incidentally, the ILPC has received a continuing donation from Kanji & Katzen for the last several years for other purposes, and we are delighted to maintain a good relationship with them.


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  1. o si yo…since i cant seem to get in contact with you any other way, i was just wondering if anyone there knows anything about a so-called delaware ‘chief’ name of william little soldier…he has a group of people up in ohio who are calling themselves the munsee/delaware indian nation/usa…please email me and let me know if you have/know anything..wa do..theCHEROKEErose

  2. Bill Steen says:

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

    I would like to make contact with Gerald Gould, Chief of the Swan Creek, Black River Tribe to discuss a matter regarding the tribe’s history.

    Do you have a current email address or phone number? Or please ask him to contact me via email bill.steen@benham.com or my cell phone 248-703-9106.

    Thank you

    Bill Steen
    Bill Steen

  3. Hi, my name is Brad, I am the owner of http://www.NewsforNatives.com and I noticed my site was listed on the right in your blogroll.

    I just wanted to say thanks, I am trying to offer Native American news, politics, info and satire, and Native American multimedia and being in your blog roll helps allot. I will reciprocate with a link to your site very soon. Thanks again. ~Brad

  4. iamsamiam says:

    Hello, I am trying to reach John Bailey regarding a historical piece I’m writing on Old Mission. Do you have a contact number or email address for him, by chance?

    Meegwetch! Samantha

  5. We are currently working on our Annual Pow Wow
    Magazine for 2009. I would like to know if any tribes would like to advertise their Pow Wows in this annual publication. It will be distributed at over 17 conferences during the course of the year –
    Denver March Pow wow, Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, NIGA, NCAI and many, many more! We also have one of the largest Pow wow directories available. I am discounting on all size
    ads……. please contact me if you are interested in being a part of this exciting publication!

    Thanks so very much!

  6. KR says:

    You may find this blog useful. It’s one of my favorites right now. Very informative.


  7. Marlene Ahboah says:

    Thank you for posting the Federal Grand Jury Indictment on Reginald Dale Akeen. I came across your web site, what a great site for me to read! Thank you.

  8. Waninahi says:

    Swan Creek Black River Confederated Ojibwa Tribes, Inc. c/o Mr. Gerald Gould (517) 799-0006 1220 Court Street Saginaw, MI 48602.

  9. I would like to be added to the list of those receiving email posts. Could you please add me? Thanks in advance.

    Townsend Hyatt

  10. Gary Kovall says:

    Please add me to your e-mail posting lists. Very interesting stuff!! Thanks.

  11. Gary Kovall says:

    Just adding another e-mail address to send the information to. Thanks.

  12. Lindsey says:

    I was wondering if there are any cases you can direct me to regarding the Supreme Courts original jurisdiction in cases involving Native American tribes. i.e. Can a tribe bring suit against a state and petition the Supreme Court for original jurisdiction? Any help/input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  13. Sadly, no. The case is Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 30 U.S. 1 (1831).

  14. Tom Fabel says:

    I wish to subscribe to this site.

  15. ilpc says:

    We’ve added a button on the side of the blog titled “Email Subscription.” Go ahead and click on “Sign me up” and you will receive an email every time we add a post. For others, you can also follow us on Twitter @ILPCTurtleTalk and Facebook.

  16. JOHN PETOSKEY says:

    sign me up for the email postings; thanks

  17. My new article was published by the Washington Journal of Environmental Law & Policy: “Dewatering Trust Responsibility: The New Klamath River Hydroelectric and Restoration Agreements.” See http://digital.law.washington.edu/dspace-law/bitstream/handle/1773.1/1043/1WJELP042.pdf?sequence=1

  18. I am requesting with all respect for anyone with any information about my family ancestry to please contact me.I know my grandmother was a swan creek band member and have many ties to Walpole island. She was a lost to most of her family of her tribe for almost her entire life. She was contacted by the tribe through the shingwauk project nearly 20years ago and identified as swan creek from pictures from wawanosh school for girls and can be traced back here in Michigan. When she passed away her name was Joan Yvonne taublieb.her madian n name was sands.she also was married and had the last name of command and white.her native name I believe is tooshkenig . Her other realitives are constance sands Leon fisher brother and sister daisy sands mother Alexander white father moses white grandfather he fought in world war 1 for the USA. If anyone knows of my family please contact me at ncommand252@Gmail.com thank you.I also remember her being add to the swan creek band member list and was there in mt pleasant she made contact when I was a child if that helps.

    I would love to be contacted by

  19. samara schwartz says:

    Hi my name is samara my grandmother was on mt pleasant rolls along w every other member of her family moses,noonday,james ect.my father larry lee schwartz died at 28 leaving 3 of us.( 3 lost indians)i was 8 we grew up in a white world w/out a clue about our history weve always been told growing up we should try to pick up where he left off and to finish what he was intending for his children we have been turned away from our own people!!!! why ?? we are american indian in every sense of the word!!our great great grandfather founded grand rapids-cheif noonday..is there anyway we can become members of “our own” tribe?why would our own people turn us away ? nobody left behind ??? do we have a chance ??,

  20. k LaRoque says:

    that is very unfortunate, but I would say you are on the right track if you found this site, and maybe if you find yourself in a career that you can assist your native community and surrounding yourself if that environment you will probably run into the right people that will not be too proud to show you what they have learned, because I think we all need to come together there are not enough of us to turn away! good luck and keep your head up

  21. samara schwartz says:

    Dear k laroque thank you for your incentive.i am also black river swan creek. am wondering if we even have a chance at this mt pleasant turned us away taking all our info and refused to give it back y would they want our personal info when they can surely get it themselves? lots of money and tears went into getting that info they want our history for their own files but dont give back what is rightfully ours membership! because of an untimely death of their own brother his children suffer EVERYDAY! without our father we have lived our lives feeling as if weve been alone and wandering with nowhere to go.we are family without a doubt but it makes it hard to be proud

  22. samara schwartz says:

    I Am trying to contact any1 regarding gerald gould and any info on becoming a member of swan creek tribe.the number is a fax number and have no way to reach him ive tried email to no avail please help! meegwetch samara schwartz

  23. Mona Arispe says:

    Please someone, anybody, contact me regarding Indian Child law. Am I even on the right track. Im from Wisconsin I typed in Indian Child Law and this sight came up. My friend and I need help. Please e-mail me and if I’m in the wrong spot point us in the right direction.Please this is urgent.

  24. Cynthia Treis says:

    Have you ever heard of John Kane of Let’s Talk Native out of Buffalo New York? He would be an awesome addition as one of your speakers and he also has a Blog that could be added to your listing. He is an amazing defender of Native rights and well versed in many areas.

  25. Pingback: Bryan Newland |Hot in Indian law (Dollar General v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw) - NextGen Native

  26. Mary Pember says:

    I’m a journalist working on story about missing/murdered Native women on U.S. side of the border and got to wondering about how tribal law enforcement receives missing persons reports. I imagine there is quite a diversity but would welcome any direction/guidance as I explore this issue, thanks!

  27. Kealoha Murillo says:

    Hello Brad,
    How can I get ahold of someone to update tribal information? Please contact me at Kealoha.murillo@gric.nsn.us

    Thank you very much.

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