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‘This Ruling Gives Us Hope’: Supreme Court Sides With Tribe in Salmon Case

From the NY Times: There was a time when the murky waters of the Skagit River offered bountiful salmon harvests to the Swinomish Indians of Washington State. They could fill an entire boat with one cast of the net back … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Native Americans Make Whiskey?

New York Times Op-Ed: “Small-scale distilling is a booming business, providing much-needed jobs and revenue for state and local governments. So why are Indian tribes legally prevented from joining in?” Op-ed is HERE.

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Sacred Dakota peace pipe sells for $40,000 — and buyer gives it back to Minnesota tribe

Story is HERE.

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The Next Standing Rock? A Pipeline Battle Looms in Oregon

New York Times Op-Ed: After dams were built on the river starting in 1912, the salmon were blocked. Today the only “c’iyaals hoches” (salmon runs) are enacted by the Klamath Tribes, whose members carry carved cedar salmon on a 300-mile … Continue reading

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Harvard Law Today Profile of Ethel Branch

Ethel Branch ’08 grew up on her family’s ranch with no electricity, no running water, and a long list of questions about injustice. Why did she have to walk to an outhouse in the hot summer, when 20 miles away … Continue reading

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Why are Canada’s First Nations women dying at such an alarming rate?

In Canada, Status First Nations persons—those listed in the country’s Indian Register—are significantly more likely than the average Canadian to meet an untimely death. When it comes to wellness outcomes, disparities along racial and ethnic lines are well documented across … Continue reading

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Alabama-Coushatta Tribe Contributes $500,000 to Harvey relief efforts

The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas, in cooperation with Naskila Gaming, is contributing $500,000 to 11 Texas counties hard hit by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Half of that amount will go to Harris County, while another $250,000 is going to … Continue reading

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In Major Ruling, Tenth Circuit Holds Muscogee (Creek) Reservation Boundaries Remain Intact

Tenth Circuit in Murphy v. Royal holds that allotted Muscogee (Creek) Nation reservation in Oklahoma has not been disestablished, reversing State death penalty conviction of Creek tribal member. MURPHY v ROYAL OPINION Prior Posts: Updated Materials in Murphy v. Royal … Continue reading

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Native Voting Rights in South Dakota—We Do the Math

From Indian Country Today: South Dakota’s Help America Vote Act Grant Board has approved funding for Indian-reservation satellite-voting centers for the 2018 elections. Secretary of State Shantel Krebs created the bipartisan board in 2015. It distributes federal HAVA money to … Continue reading

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International Labor Organization’s Convention 169 Helps Legalize Land Grabs on Indigenous Territories

From “Because Convention 169 commits the signatory states to guarantee the integrity of Indigenous peoples, it’s been frequently invoked by Indigenous communities and peoples, especially in Latin America, when defending their territories in court. But the Convention has clear … Continue reading

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