ICWA Appellate Project


The ICWA Appellate Project is a part of the Indian Law Clinic at MSU College of Law. We work for tribes to provide appellate support through technical assistance, brief drafting, research, a document bank, and networking information for tribal ICWA attorneys.

Federal Materials:

ICWA Final Rule/Regulation WITH Front Matter (100 pages)

ICWA Final Rule/Regulation without Front Matter (13 pages)

Guidelines for Implementing the Indian Child Welfare Act

Designated Tribal Agents for ICWA Service

Posts about the ICWA Final Rule

Baby Girl Materials

NARF: ICWA’s Legislative History (text searchable)

Comprehensive State ICWA Laws

S.B. 678 (California)


MIFPA (Michigan)

MIFPA (Minnesota)

Nebraska ICWA

OICWA (Oklahoma)

WICWA (Washington)

WICWA (Wisconsin)

Pro Hac Vice Information

State Pro Hac Rules

Pro Hac Vice ICWA Research

Open Case Materials

Documents on Oglala Sioux Tribe v. Fleming (Van Hunnik)(on appeal to 8th Cir)

Texas ICWA Challenge N.D. Texas

Watso v. Piper (on appeal to the 8th Cir.)

Americans for Tribal Court Equality v. Piper D. Minn. (stayed pending appeal in Watso v. Piper)

Closed Case Materials from 2015-present

Documents in A.D. v. Washburn (Goldwater Litigation) (Dismissed in the 9th Cir.)

R.K.B. v. E.T. (In re B.B.)(Cert denied)

Renteria v. Tulare County District Court (Cert denied)

S.S. v. Colorado River Indian Tribes (Cert denied)

Documents in Doe v. Piper (Minnesota IFPA Litigation) (dismissed as moot)

Documents for In re Alexandria P. (Cert denied)

Documents in C.E.S. (Donn) v. Nelson (Michigan IFPA Litigation) (dismissed without prejudice)

Documents in Doe v. Pruitt (OICWA Litigation) (dismissed)

Documents in Nat’l Council for Adoption v. Jewell (Guidelines Litigation)(dismissed as moot)

Documents in Renteria v. Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians (dismissed, in state court, petition for review to CA Supreme Court)

Documents in Watso v. Jacobson (dismissed)

Federal Challenges to ICWA

The ICWA Defense Project is a coalition of NICWA, NARF, NCAI, and the ICWA Appellate Project to provide assistance and updates to tribes and other interested partners on the federal challenges to ICWA.

Legal Defense Memorandum: 2017 12 08 ICWA Defense Project Memo – Final

Academic Materials

ICWA Law Review Articles (not comprehensive)

Turtle Talk Posts

All ICWA tagged posts

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