Indigenous Law Program Events

Annual Indigenous Law Conferences

2016 Indigenous Law and Policy Center/Tribal In-House Counsel Association Annual Conference

2015 Indigenous Law Conference/Tribal In-House Counsel Association Conference: Inaugural Joint Conference

2014 Indigenous Law Conference: Dismantling Barriers in American Indian Education

2013 Indigenous Law Conference: Nd’nakweshkodaadimin: A Gathering of Anishinaabe Scholars

2012 Michigan State Law Review Conference: A Symposium on Wenona Singel’s “Indian Tribes and Human Rights Accountability”

2012 Indigenous Law Conference: Off-Reservation Gaming in Michigan — A New Gamble

2011 Indigenous Law Conference: Beyond the Tribal Law and Order Act

2010 Indigenous Law Conference: Persuasion and Ideology

2009 Indigenous Law Conference: Global Perspectives on Indigenous Rights

2008 Indigenous Law Conference: Forty Years of the Indian Civil Rights Act

2008 EAGLE-MSU Conference: American Indian Identity Conference

2007 Indigenous Law Conference: Law and Literature

Spring Speaker Series

2015 Spring Event

2014 Spring Speaker Series

2013 Spring Speaker Series

2012 Spring Speakers Series

2011 Spring Speakers Series

2010 Spring Speaker Series

2009 Spring Speaker Series

2008 Spring Speaker Series

2 Responses to Indigenous Law Program Events

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  2. Dianne Bonfiglio Many Ribs says:

    I am looking for CLE classes on Indian Law/Indigenous Law via internet, video or CD. Can you refer me to a good source?

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