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Cherokee Nation AG Opines that Cherokee Constitution Protects Fundamental Right to Marriage; Same-Sex Marriage Legal at Cherokee

Here is the opinion: Hembree Opinion An excerpt: For the reasons discussed below, it is the official opinion of the Attorney General that the Cherokee Nation Constitution protects the fundamental right to marry, establish a family, raise children and enjoy the full … Continue reading

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Tribes and Same-Sex Marriage in Columbia Human Rights Law Review

My article on tribal laws relating to same-sex marriage has just been published in Columbia Human Rights Law Review. It delves into the twelve tribal laws that allow same-sex marriage and also looks at tribal DOMAs, tribal domestic partnership laws, … Continue reading

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Ann Tweedy on Tribal Laws & Same-Sex Marriage

Our own Ann Tweedy has posted her very interesting and relevant paper, “Tribal Laws & Same-Sex Marriage: Theory, Process, and Content,” on SSRN. Here is the abstract: In 1996, Congress, in enacting the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), took … Continue reading

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Slate: Worst Argument Ever against Gay Marriage — Pocahontas and John Rolfe?

Hubba wha? Here, “The Worst Argument Ever Made Against Gay Marriage” by David S. Cohen. An excerpt: I won’t hide the ball here, so here it is: Gay people should not be able to get married because Pocahontas married John … Continue reading

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Leech Lake has begun allowing same-sex marriages

More information is here.

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LA Times on Navajo Nation and the Coalition for Navajo Equality

Here. New Mexico has seen celebrations across the state since its highest court 10 days ago unanimously ruled it was unconstitutional to deny a marriage license to same-sex couples. Not so for the sovereign Navajo Nation, whose borders spill over … Continue reading

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Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Decisions

Here: Hollingsworth v. Perry — affirming lower court decision striking down Cal. Prop. 8 United States v. Windsor — striking down DOMA

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Santa Ysabel Announces Support of Same Sex Marriage

Among those who have suffered the denial of basic human rights in this country, Native Americans can unfortunately take a prominent place. Because their historic experience of prejudice strongly resonates to this day, the Santa Ysabel Tribe, founded in 1893 … Continue reading

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First Same Sex Couple Married at LTBB Invited to White House

Tim LaCroix and his longtime partner, Gene Barfield, will be guests of President Barack Obama on Thursday at a reception honoring LGBT Pride Month, MLive.com reportedtoday. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The men were married in March by … Continue reading

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Maori Love Song Sung in New Zealand Parliament Following Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

AP story here. Slate Article including video of the song is here. NPR story here. Maori Party Speech/Press Release here.

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